2014 Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally

All images 2014 by David W. Kesner / DDD Photography - No image may be copied or reposted by any means with prior permission.

These images are from the 2014 Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally held July 10-14th in Baker City, Oregon. I stayed at the Dancing Goat Inn B&B and would highly recommend this to anyone who is going to Baker City. I left on Thursday riding solo through Emmett, Cambridge, Hell's Canyon, Halfway, and then into Baker City. On Friday I again soloed taking a route through North Powder, Union, LaGrande, Elgin, Enterprise, Joseph (where I rode the steepest tram in the US to the top of Mt. Howard), and the famous Road Rash Pass along Hell's Canyon. On Saturday I met up with fellow IMCHOG members Anthony Matsen and Jessica Hale who were staying at the Dancing Goat as well. We had a great ride together going through Sumpter, Granite and Anthony Lakes, with a detour at the end to visit the Oregon Trail Interpretative Center. On Sunday I rode back home solo following Old Highway 30 through Lime and Huntington, then on through Payette and Emmett before reaching home. The couple images of someone working on a bike is mine as I broke my speedometer sending unit and had to have it replaced. Luckily I had one with me as this wasn't the first time it has broken. The images can be viewed in 2D or a variety of 3D formats. Just click on any image and it will open in an HTML5 viewer. The default is set to open in single image 2D format. Click on the help button to see instructions on how to use the viewer. These images were taken with a Fuji W3 camera.