2014 IMHOG Dam Glory Hole Ride

All images 2014 by David W. Kesner / DDD Photography - No image may be copied or reposted by any means with prior permission.

These images are from the Intermountain Chapter of the Harley Owner's Group (IMHOG) ride to see the Glory Hole at Owyhee Dam in Oregon. I was the organizer and lead Road Captain for this trip. The first 22 images are from the pre-ride on May 14, 2014 where we made sure the route was good with no surprises. The actual trip was on May 18, 2014 and is shown in the last 27 images. The images can be viewed in 2D or a variety of 3D formats. Just click on any image and it will open in an HTML5 viewer. The default is set to open in single image 2D format. Click on the help button to see instructions on how to use the viewer. These images were taken with a Fuji W3 camera mounted in a Cyclopital3D ALA.