2017 Yellowstone Motorcycle Trip

All images 2017 by David W. Kesner / DDD Photography - No image may be copied or reposted by any means with prior permission.

These images are from a motorcycle trip my wife and I took with 14 other people to Yellowstone National Park. We left on July 6, 2017 and returned on July 11th covering a total of 2000 miles. Our home base was the Rankin Motel in Ashton, Idaho. We did day trips from there that ranged from a 16 hour 500 mile day up into Montana and over the infamous Beartooth Highway, to a short trip to Mesa Falls, to several trips into Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. This was truly epic adventure with no major problems but some great storms with hail and deep snow on Beartooth Pass (not on the road). The images can be viewed in 2D or a variety of 3D formats. Just click on any image and it will open in an HTML5 viewer. The default is set to open in single image 2D format. Click on the help button to see instructions on how to use the viewer. These images were taken with my a Panasonic Lumix GX7 twin rig. Some of the images were taken with the cameras on a custom made bracket that staggers the cameras and gives a n 89mm lens spacing while others were taken with the cameras side by side on a dual slide bar with lens spacing from 134mm to 380mm. The cameras are synced by a special circuit made for me by Max Pow from New Zeland. You can see more info on the camera here. Also some of the images are single exposure while others are seven exposure HDR.