3D Galleries

All images © by David W. Kesner / DDD Photography - No image may be copied or reposted by any means with prior permission.

Click on a link below to go to that gallery. Galleries are listed in chronological order with the newest first. I will slowly be adding more and more of my older images as I get them reprocessed. I use the wonderful HTML5 viewer that was developed by Masuji Suto and is included in the latest version of his program Stereo Photo Maker.

2020 Hells Canyon Macros - Just some random macros taken on a camping trip to Hells Canyon, Idaho for my birthday

2020 IBP - The abandodned Iowa Beef Processing Plant in Kuna, Idaho.

2019 Costa Rica Macros - I stayed at a private villa in Quepos Costa Rica and shot some macros around the grounds.

2015 Reno Macros - Some macro plants and flowers taken on a trip to Reno, Nevada.

2015 IVMC Rally and Show - These are images of vintage motorcycles on a ride and in a show.

2014 Motorcycle Cannonball Run - Photographed at their stop at High Desert Harley Davidson in Meridian, Idaho.

2014 IMCHOG Salmon Overnighter - Jim Moore was lead Road Captain on this overnight trip to Salmon, Idaho.

2014 IMCHOG 3R's Ride - Bikes on the road, train on rails, and rafts on the river.

2014 Hell's Canyon Motorcycle Rally - A real "rider's" rally held each year in Baker City Oregon.

2014 Lindsey Stirling - An in-store performance at the Boise, Idaho Hasting.

2014 IMCHOG Spring Picnic - At Kelly's Whitewater Park in Cascade, Idaho.

2014 Anime Oasis Compile - The 13th annual Anime convention in Boise, Idaho.

2014 IMCHOG Dam Glory Hole Ride - I organized and was the lead Road Captain on this ride to see the Glory Hole at the Owyhee Dam in Oregon.

2014 ICMS Awareness Rally - Every year the Idaho Coalition for Motorcycle Safety (ICMS) holds a ride and rally to raise the awareness of motorcycles on the road.

2014 IVMC Rally and Show - These are images of vintage motorcycles on a ride and in a show.

2013 Walt Disney World Macros - The are "test" images taken with my new Panasonic Lumix GX7 camera and Panasonic Lumix 3D lens that has been modified to allow closer focusing.

2013 Slovenia Cave - These are images from a cave that was featured as one of the field trips for the 2013 ISU Congress held in Slovenia.