Below you will find links to pages with different source images that you can download and try your hand at creating tone mapped 3D HDR images. As time progresses more images will be uploaded that will cover a variety of different challenges in creating these images such as moving objects, people, extreme light sources, etc. If you have a set of source image you would like to contribute please let me know.

DISCLAIMER - All images are the sole property of their respective owner and may not be used, copied, or displayed in any format, electronic of otherwise, without the express permission of their owner.

The finished images will be presented in 3D using an HTML5 viewer.

How this works:

  1. Go to the page with the set of images you wish to work on.
  2. Download the zip files with the raw images.
  3. Process the images with any HDR software you wish.
  4. Process in any manner you want from realistic to surreal, color, B&W, or tinted.
  5. Use any post processing you want.
  6. Save your final stereo image as a parallel side by side jpeg image no wider than 3840 pixels or taller than 1080 pixels and no borders (this means each left/right image should be no more than 1920x1080). Name your image with the challenge number and your initials (i.e. challenge01AAA.jpg).
  7. Email your image to lists at dddphotography dot com.
  8. Try to take no more than two weeks to finish your image.
  9. All images will be presented no longer than one month after posting of the challenge.
  10. You are encouraged to ask questions about the different processes used.

Challenge #1 February 8, 2014

Challenge #2 March 5, 2014

Challenge #3 April 10, 2014