This is a list of the CD's that I currently own (last updated February 29, 2020).

As you can see I have a wide range of tastes from folk to new age to progressive rock. The majority is not what you would call main stream. I take chances sometimes that don't exactly work out. In the past I would recycle those, but have decided to keep everything I buy just to help keep track of how my tastes change. Usually if I like an artist I like everything they do. I could never be someone who buys digital songs one at a time. I am slowly working on filling in all the older missing recordings of the artists I like.

I encourage supporting local brick and mortar businesses and buy a large percentage of my music from The Record Exchange in Boise, Idaho.

I get a lot of my new music from listening to my Pandora stations or browsing CD Baby and All Music.

If, after browsing through this list you think you might have a suggestion for an artist I might like, please email me at info at dddphotography dot com. I am always looking for new music.

I have included links to the artist's website, their MySpace site if they don't have an official site, or if no site at all is available I have a link to their info on All Music.

Adams, Peter Bradley - website

Adele - website

Ahn, Priscilla - website

Alan, Mark - website

Alternate Routes, The - website

Amos, Tori - website

Antigone Rising - website

Apple, Fiona - website

Arden, Jann - website

ATO Records - website

Augustana - website

Azure Ray - website

Bareilles, Sara website

Batdorf & McLean - website

Batdorf & Rodney website

Baylin, Jessie - website

Be Good Tonyas, The - website

Bel Canto - website

Benetar, Pat website

Berg, Matraca - website

Birch, Diane - website

Birdy - website

Black, Mary - website

Blackfeathers, The - website

Blackfield - website (see also Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree, No Man)

Blackmore's Night - website (see also Blackmore's Rainbow)

Blackmore's Rainbow - website (see also Blackmore's Night)

Blunt, James - website

Board, Stacey - website

Bogguss, Suzy - website

Broods - website

Brook, Holly - website

Brooke, Jonatha - website

Brookshire, Matthew - website

Burlap To Cashmere - website

Buckingham, Lindsey and McVie, Christine - website (see also Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks)

Buckingham, Lindsey- website (see also Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks)

Bush, Kate - wecsite

Caillat, Colbie - website

Camel - website

Camel Tribute - website

Carlile, Brandi - website

Carlton, Vanessa - website

Carthy, Eliza - website

Case, Neko - website

Cash, Rosanne - website

Chambers, Kasey - website

Chapin Carpenter, Mary - website

Chapman, Tracy - website

Chaquico, Craig - website

Chaquico, Craig and Russ Freeman - website

Checkfield - website

Chen, Levi - website

Civil Wars, The - website (see also John Paul White)

Clawson, Steven - website

Cockburn, Bruce - website

Cocteau Twins - website

Colvin, Shawn - website

Combs, Andrew - website

Cook, Amy - website

Crown Point - website

Cry Cry Cry - website (see also Dar Williams, Lucy Kaplansky, Richard Shindell)

Curran, Amelia - website

Currie, Justin - website

Dawes - website

Day, Howie - website

Dead Can Dance - website

Del Amitri - website

Delerium - website

Delmhorst, Kris - website

Devonsquare - website

Diane, Alela - website

Dido - website

Digby, Marie - website

Dire Straits - website (see also Mark Knopfler)

Dixon, Gabe - website

Driver, Minnie - website

Duvekot, Antje - website

Eisley - website

Elson, Karen - website

Euphoria - website

Emerson, Lake, & Palmer - website (see also The Keith Emerson Band)

The Keith Emerson Band - website (see also Emerson, Lake, & Palmer)

Everything But The Girl - website (see also Tracey Thorn)

Ezra, George - website

Fahl, Mary - website

Fimm, Sarah - website

Fine Frenzy, A - website

Fisher - website

Fitzsimmons, William - website

Fleetwood Mac - website (see also Stevie Nicks)

Fogelberg, Dan - website

Ford, David - website

Foster, Jen - website

Freudiana - website

Gerson, Ruth - website

Gilkyson, Eliza - website

Gilmore, Thea - website

Girlyman - website

Gorka, John - website

Gray, David - website

Griffin, Patty - website

Guggenheim Grotto, The - website

The Head And The Heart - website

Heap And Frou Frou, Imogen - website

Heap, Imogen - website

Higgins, Missy - website

Highwomen, The - website

Hines, Justin - website

Honeyhoney - website

Horse Flies, The - website

Howard, Ben - website

Hozier - website

Hutchinson, Meg - website

Ian, Janis - website

I'm With Her - website (see also Sara Jarosz, Aoife O'Donovan)

Imbruglia, Natalie - website

Innocence Mission, The - website

Isakov, Gregory Alan - website

James, Brendan - website

Jarosz, Sarah - website (see also I'm With Her)

Jewel - website

Johnstone, Jude - website

Jones, Matthew Perryman - website

Josh Joplin Group - website

Kaplansky, Lucy - website (see also Cry Cry Cry)

Kearney, Mat - website

Keats - website

Keren Ann - website

Kershaw. Lily - website

Ki, Patrick - website

Knopfler, Mark - website (see also Dire Straits)

Kreviazuk, Chantal - website

K's Choice - website

Lamontagne & The Pariah Dogs, Ray - website

Lamontagne, Ray - website

Lee, Amos - website

Lewis, Jenny - website

Li, Lykke - website

Lijie - website

Lily & Madeleine - website

Lissie - website

Lord Huron - website

MacDonald, Amy - website

MacLean, Tara - website

MacLellan, Catherine - website

Madison Violet - website

Marlin, Lene - website

Marling, Laura - website

Marshall, Amanda - website

Martha's Vineyard - website

Martin, Charlotte - website

Mcauley, Mick & Winifred Horan - website

McCarley, Erin - website

McKenna, Lori - website

McLachlan, Sarah - website

Melua, Katie - website

Merritt, Tift - website

Michaelson, Ingrid - website

Midlake - website

Mraz, Jason - website

Myles, Alannah - website

Nalick, Anna - website

Nash, Leigh - website (ses also Sixpence None The Richer)

Nathanson, Matt - website

Nicks, Stevie - website (see also Fleetwood Mac)

Noble, Keri - website

Nolwenn - website

No-Man - website (see also Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree, Blackfield)

Nova, Heather - website

Merritt, Tift - website

Obel, Agnes - website

Opeth - website

O'Donovan, Aoife - website (see also I'm With Her)

Ortega, Lindi - website

Orton, Beth - website

Osborne, Joan - website

Over The Rhine - website

Pallot, Nerina - website

Parsons Project, The Alan - website

Perri, Christina - website

Peters, Gretchen - website

Phillips, Shawn - website

Pineapple Theaf, The - website (see also Bruce Soord)

Plumb - website

Porcupine Tree - website (see also Steve Wilson, No Man, Blackfield)

Potter, Grace And The Nocturnals - website

Prettyman, Tristan - website

Pritchard, Lauren - website

Pureka, Chris - website

Quarterflash - website (see also Marv and Rindy Ross)

Radin, Joshua - website

Ramsey, Tyler - website

Reader, Eddi - website

Rhodes, Happy - website

Ritter, Josh - website

Riverside - website

Rivvrs - website

Rogers, Maggie - website

 Rodrigo y Gabriela - website

Rodriguez, Carrie - website

Rodriguez, Carrie & Ben Kyle - website

Rodriguez, Carrie & Chip Taylor - website

Rodriguez, Dan - website

Roe, Pete - website

Romantica - website

Rose, Caroline - website

Ross, Marv & Rindy - website (see also Quarterflash)

Rusby, Kate - website

Ryder, Serena - website

Sade - website

Sali, Anna - website

Schierman Band, Nate - website

Sharp, Maia - website

Sheeran, Ed - website

Shindell, Richard - website (see also Cry Cry Cry)

Sirenia - website

Sixpence None The Richer - website (see also Leigh Nash)

Smith, Mindy - website

Smoke Fairies - website

Soord, Bruce - website (see also The Pineapple Theif)

Star Castle - website

Stevens, Cat - website (see also Yusuf)

Stewart, Al - website

Story, The - website (see also Jonatha Brooke)

Storyhill - website

Stroup, Amy - website

Suh, Susie - website

Sweeplings, The - website

Taylor, Maria - website

Texas - website

Thomas, Rosie - website

Thorn, Tracey - website (see also Everything But The Girl)

Til Tuesday - website (Aimee Mann's solo site)

Train - website

Travis - website

Tunstall, KT - website

V, Marina - website

Vega, Suzanne - website

Vollenweider, Andreas - website

Votolato, Rocky - website

Walker, Natalie - website

Wall, Wendy - website

Warner, Melissa - website

Weepies, The - website

Wells, Tyrone - website

Wertz, Matt - website

White, John Paul - website (see also The Civil Wars)

Wilcox, David - website

Williams, Dar - website (see also Cry Cry Cry)

Williams, Joy - website (see also The Civil Wars)

Wilson, Steven - website (see also Porcupine Tree, No Man, Blackfiled)

Wind Machine - website

Wind In Sails - website

Wise, Skipper - website

WPA - website

Yamagata, Rachel - website

Yoav - website

Yusuf - website (see also Cat Stevens)

ZZ Ward - website